Who I Am…

Angela G ICT, Technologist, owner of this Web Agency. Founded in 2001.

Angela G ICT : My name is Angela, my last name’s initial is G, and I have called Wichita (ICT) my home since my grade school days.  I am home grown. A Shocker.

I believe in volunteerism. I give knowledge and time to various not for profits, including NAWBO Wichita.

Follow and connect with me on my blog and social media channels, these are the go-to source for all things consumer tech and B2B in Wichita, Kansas.  I also blog on the intersecting topics of food and technology at SeekingtheDish.com (being updated currently.)

Current Web Special – advertised at Time Eddy II



 Designing & Developing highly functioning websites. Incorporating the elements of SEO, SEM, analytics, and integrative social media.


Providing web strategy consulting, social media consulting/management, analytics & insights, email marketing, & lead generation.


Providing seminars / consulting in social media, web management, software, apps, computers, devices, B2B Technologies, and parent tech training.

This is what I do in Plain Speak:

  • Creating Websites that will be found by search engines and humans.
  • Creating Social Channels, (Visual /Audio) Content, and communications Content that will be found by search engines and humans.
  • Designing Web Graphics and Web Content.
  • Providing Education / Seminar Content for Professionals, Owners, and Employees in the areas of social media and technology.
    All using the backbone of knowledge from the past 20 years and continuous education forward.

Providing service all over the Wichita Metro Area and beyond.